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Forever Green Recycle, Inc.

      Get Directions to Forever Green Recycle

4124 Walney Road, Unit F
Chantilly, VA 20151

Mon - Fri Contact:
Office Phone703-378-5500
Alt Phone: 703-282-9473

Sat - Sun Contact:
Phone: 703-689-1129 (Duke Scott- call/text)

Equipment Sales:

Primary Contact: Alex Scott
Phone: 267-625-6385 (call or text)


Secondary Contact: Gordon F Scott
Phone: 703-282-9473 (call or text)


Drop Off Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am-3pm and Negotiable
Sat: 8am-11am and Negotiable
Sun: Negotiable

Pick Up Hours:

Mon - Fri: Negotiable


We are a Full Service Escrap recycling company servicing the Washington DC metro area since 2006. We have a strict no landfill policy. All collected escrape is triaged for reuse where if it is not reusable, then it is disassembled to the commodity level, i.e. aluminum, copper, metal and plastic. We are experienced in data center and commercial office space cleanouts. References available upon request.

RatesPlease call Gordon at 703-378-5500 or text him at 703-282-9473 to discuss your equipment and needs.

  • $75/ hour for 2 men, our 26" box truck with a lift gate and all supplies needed.
  • $95/ hour for 3 men, our 26" box truck with a lift gate and all supplies needed.

Additional men are priced at $20/ man extra.

This hourly rate maybe greatly discounted based on the value of the equipment being picked up. We also provide junk removal services at the same rates. 

Our trucks or trusted secure shipping companies are used for transportation. We have recycling relationships nationwide and with Canada.

Scheduled Pick-Ups

We are flexible to schedule pick-ups within 24 hours to months in advance – all depending on our clients' needs. Regular pick-ups are scheduled with many of our clients. Weekend pick-ups require a 3-day in advance notice.

Sustainability Programs Through E-Waste Solutions

Education- We can educate our clients and their employees on what constitutes and how to recycle electronic or universal waste to prevent them from being placed in a landfill.

Asset Recovery Partnerships- We work with your facilities and IT personnel to identify reusable equipment and find the right avenues to reuse this equipment. This easy remarketing plan fast tracks our customer's asset recovery. Often, we can price your asset's worth on the current market. A set price is offered for each working asset based on a fair market value. By doing this, Forever Green Recycle takes all resell risk responsibility. From pick-up to settlement, transaction time is reduced because assets are not held for remarketing under an Asset Recovery Partnership.

Final Disposition Solution- Residual materials, which no longer function as intended, are obsolete, or do not have any life left, are harvested and placed in the e-waste stream for end-of-life recycling equipment.